CROCHET NEW DESIGN Gorgeous Motif Runner, Shawl, Blouse Pattern

Creating a crochet pattern for a gorgeous motif runner, shawl, or blouse is a creative and fun project. While I can’t provide you with a full pattern in this format, I can give you a general guideline on how to create these items using motifs. You can then use your creativity to design and adapt motifs to your preferred style and size. Here’s a basic outline for each item:

  1. Motif Runner:
    • Materials: Choose a suitable yarn and hook size, considering the desired thickness and drape of the runner.
    • Motif Design: Create a motif design that you like. This can be a simple square, hexagon, or any shape you prefer. You can find motif patterns in crochet books or online.
    • Construction: Crochet a sufficient number of motifs to achieve the desired length of the runner.
    • Joining: Join the motifs together using your preferred method, such as slip stitching or whipstitching.
    • Border: Add a border around the entire runner to give it a finished look.
  2. Motif Shawl:
    • Materials: Choose a yarn that is suitable for a shawl, and select an appropriate hook size.
    • Motif Design: Create a motif design that you want to use for your shawl. Circular motifs like granny squares or hexagons work well for shawls.
    • Motif Placement: Crochet several motifs, keeping in mind how you want to arrange them on your shawl. You can go for a central motif with others radiating out from it or a grid pattern.
    • Joining: Join the motifs together as desired. You can use a decorative or simple join, depending on your style.
    • Edging: Add an edging to the outer edge of the shawl to finish it off. You can choose from various crochet edging patterns.
  3. Motif Blouse:
    • Materials: Select a lightweight yarn suitable for clothing and an appropriate hook size.
    • Motif Design: Design motifs that are appropriately sized for a blouse. For a blouse, you may want smaller motifs.
    • Construction: Crochet the motifs following your design. You’ll need to crochet enough motifs for the front, back, and sleeves.
    • Joining: Join the motifs to create the body and sleeves of the blouse. You can experiment with different joining methods.
    • Neckline and Edging: Crochet the neckline and add any desired edging to the sleeves, bottom, and neckline to finish the blouse.

Video Tutorial

Remember to take accurate measurements and try on your work as you go to ensure the fit is as desired. Additionally, feel free to incorporate various stitches, colors, and textures to make your designs even more beautiful and unique. You can also find existing crochet motif patterns and adapt them to your project to make the design process easier.

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